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Derek “disco eyes” Hale

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Sheriff Stilinski progress of accepting Lydia Martin’s abilities  (◠‿◠✿)

3.06 - 4.01 // 1.01 - 3.14 

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It will be difficult to break the habits of thinking Abnegation instilled in me, like tugging a single thread from a complex work of embroidery. But I will find new habits, new thoughts, new rules. I will become something else.

She’s tore up plenty, but she’ll fly true.

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"A fictionalized, albeit slightly ridiculous, version of Stargate Command is an excellent cover for the real thing in the event of a security leak."
"I’m sorry, sir, did you say slightly ridiculous?”

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vala mal doran || 8 gifs per episode
  ↳ stargate: sg-1 09x04: the ties that bind

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"Who we are and who we need to be to survive are two very different things."

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down here, every life matters

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